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Do Japanese hotels require long-stay guests to clear the room everyday for cleaning?

I recently stayed for 4 consecutive days at Toyoko Inn, and I'm told to clear the room by 10 AM daily for cleaning. When I asked, they said that it's a policy for every hotel in Japan. Is this even true? Is there any other chain hotel in Tokyo which doesn't require you to clear the room for daily cleaning, and just did the cleaning every 2-3 days instead? Thank you.

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    I was the lead maintenance in a local hotel for six years. It's just common sense to leave the room while the cleaning staff does their work. Our staff had a set number of minutes to do each room. It's hard to do when someone is in the way.

    Of course there were requests not to clean everyday.

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    That's how it works in a business hotel in Japan, they don't want the guests around while the cleaning is done. The only way around it in a hotel is to go upscale-where they accede to the guest's requests, or downscale-where they don't really do much cleaning at all. Maybe something like a weekly mansion instead of an inn might make sense for you?

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    When I end up in a hotel I usually have stuff to do so I have never encountered that situation. It did notice, however, that down in Okinawa that the cleaning staff would wait until everyone was out of the room to do the cleaning. But then you're looking at a resort hotel.

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    Most people think it's better to clean the room everyday. So yes, it's what all hotels do in Japan. If you don't like it, you may ask some hotels not to do it.

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