what fifa 12 team should i use for online head to head matches?

I like to do moves, but i also like to pass. I want a team with a good defense because i hate giving up goals. i prefer a strong defense with fast outside backs.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The top 5 teams I like to use (and why) are:

    1) Real Madrid-Strong defense and best goalkeeper will usually be able to make up for it if you make a mistake. Their midfield is the best if you like to play long passes, due to them having some of the fastest players in the world. More of a quick-strike than a possession team.

    2) Bayern Munich-2nd best goalkeeper though defense isn't the best. Makes up for it with the best midfield in the game. Gomez is severely underrated, even after recent updates, though he still kicks ***. Robben will be your best weapon though, so be sure to use him.

    3) Chelsea-Very balanced team. In-game they are actually better than manchester united, and on-par with City. I prefer Chelsea because I'm great with Torres (ironically).

    4) Inter-They kind of suck now, especially since online ratings have adjusted to reflect recent results. The only reason I use them so much are because they are my favorite team. They DO have Sneijder though, and he's a game-changer for sure.

    5) Barcelona-Unlike Madrid, Barca a more of a short-passing, possession team. I'll be honest and say that they are a little overpowered, since with barely any skill this team is still pretty much guaranteed at least a goal. That being said players have gotten very good at shutting out this offense. If you DO play as Barca I recommend that you use Messi to set up plays, but try and score with your wingers, who will usually be left open. Iniesta is actually my highest scoring Barca player BY FAR online.

    Source(s): Division 2 in FIFA 12-relegated twice from division 1
  • 9 years ago

    FC Barcelona or Real Madrid. Most people choose these two teams online because of their all-around abilities.

    Your best defense is good possession. If you keep the ball, the other team can't score. And Barcelona and Real Madrid are among the best teams in possession.

    I usually go with Madrid, but Barcelona's won me some matches too. Go with one of those two and you can't go wrong.

  • 9 years ago

    The servers are back up?? Oh and AC milan

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