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Are dogs or min pins suppsto act this way?

Oaky well I have a little min pin 10 months and she is a very good dog. Very obedient, trained, and hyper haha. Well when I take her out places she's usually acts kinda crazy, for instance I'll take her to the pet store or the vet and she goes crazy, she'll wine and cry like she's never seen a dog or she would bark and bark and try to escape to be near that other animal. I mean in the house she's verrrrry calm but it's a whOle diffirent story when i take her out. What in the world do I do lol. It's kinda embarrassing.

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    Poorly trained and socialized dogs act this way. This would have been best dealt with by not allowing her to become this way to begin with through adequate daily socialization with other dogs and people beginning at an early age. At this point, as you apparently do not have much dog knowledge, please find a good local trainer or behaviorist to help you. Her lack of social skills can get her killed by another dog. Basically, you're going to have to get her out and about more often (multiple times a day, for preference) into increasingly stimulating environments. Reward calm behaviors, redirect when she displays inappropriate behaviors. For example, give her an obedience command to execute that doesn't allow her to display the undesirable behavior. So if she's lunging and barking, you could put her in a down stay and give a quiet command and then reward for obedience. Of course, this requires that you have obedience trained your dog.

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    Your dog needs more socialization, but it could also be anxiety and fear that is causing her to act this way also.

    Most dogs associate the Vets office with needle pricks and weird smells and sights and sensations that may annoy/hurt or scare them, so when you take a dog to the Vet, the dog will soon learn the routine and know what's up. A dog who has high anxiety or is in fear or seeing the Vet will act crazy to try to avoid going. This is normal for quite a lot of dogs because many dogs don't like seeing their vet.

    Also, lack of socialization could be an issue as well, as she acts crazy when exposed to other dogs or when going in the Pet-store. You need to take her out more, to new environments on a regular basis so she learns that new environments won't harm her or cause her any pain. The more she is exposed to new environments, the less amount of anxiety she'll have when exposed to new enviroments.

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    You have a little miniature ______ 10 moth old?

    Fill in the gap? ----^

    Source(s): Sorry can't work out breed!!
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