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What color shoes for this dress?! Heels Please!?

I just bought this dress for my college graduation/nursing pinning ceremony. I need help figuring out what shoes to wear with it!! The dress has a mix of light pink, mauve, pale coral and pale purple hues to it. What color shoes should I wear?!

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    First off, this is an amaaazziiinngg dress :o

    I would wear nude or red heels. Purple would go great too since there are pale purple hues. Maybe like a pale purple or a bit brighter. If i were you i would pick coral heels since it's my favorite color and all :p Not to mention it would look stunning with the dress.

    Now for the kind of heels.. i really like the style of the ones that i sent the link to.. those are my favorite kind :D

    Hope this helps <3

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    First of all, congratulations on your graduation and it is a beautiful dress that im sure looks great on you! I would say pale pink petal or creme flats for myself. But considering you want heels which will also look great i'd say, maybe to tie in the dull petal pink to have heels that color, or if you want to stand out tie in the redish color for your shoes. Even a dull creme or light hazel shoes would look perfectly chic. I hope I helped, and i hope you find what youre looking for!


  • Sandra
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    9 years ago

    Skin toned the same color as your legs, or very pale gray.

  • 9 years ago

    I would say maybe like a silver flat or a creme/nude pleather heel.

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  • 9 years ago

    gorgeous dress! definitely a cream or nude shoe

  • 9 years ago

    maybe silver or creme

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