Who should be in the music hall of fame?

In my opinion, the rock and roll hall of fame is very wrong. Many great artists have been left out for no apparent reason. So, hear by, I found my own. This will be a public opinion hall. So you guys need to vote. A ballot can have no more than five (5) artists. A ballot may include no more than one (1) "Industry Changer" - a non-musician candidate. To qualify, an artist must be at least 20 years past the release of their first LP. No classical music, this is a rock and pop hall (rap and country are included in this hall, though) I will add who is in and how many votes are necessary to enter once I see how popular this gets. I will have one of these every month, so keep coming back!

Sample ballot (And my own, I get the same vote as you):

The Beatles

Pink Floyd


The Rolling Stones

The Who

Industry Changer

Brian Epstein


2 new things - This will be a three day voting event. Tomorrow (Sunday), I will ask this again. If you vote twice, only one vote will be counted. Hopefully I can get enough votes to do this. Right now, I don't know how many votes it takes to get in. I'm getting a WIDE variety of answers, from classic rock to death metal to ambient. This is going to be tough.


@Emmy - You can only vote for 5. Eminem is not yet eligable, so I will count your ballot as the same as mine.

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  • 9 years ago
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    All of those people that you listed, and Eminem XD!

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