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How to calm down my life a bit?

So, I'm a 15 year old girl and I have an incredibly busy life. On Mondays, I have Bass lessons, on Tuesdays I have a meeting for my church group, and then we have an activity. On Wednesdays, I spend the day volunteering at a thrift store. On Thursdays, I clean my elderly neighbor's house because she can't do it herself. And on Sundays, I go to my church. This is along with seven hours of school every weekday and homework, chores, and instrument practicing. I also somehow fit in tons of clothing alterations, various other service projects, I model for clothing companies, am a member of NJHS, and I am in three bands. Sorry, this is a lot of information, but my question is: How do I make time for anything else? The only days I have off are Friday and Saturday, and I am often visiting my niece and nephew on those days. I can't make time to hang out with friends, and some days I can't even fit in everything I'm supposed to do. It's not that I'm stressed with all of this, but I just wish I had more time. I want to drop some of the things I do, but when I think about not doing any of them I just can't, because these activities are what make me who I am. I feel like if I give up any of them, I'll miss them so much. I was just wondering if any of you have ideas of what to do.

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    It's better to be busy than sitting at home doing nothing. Busy people have time for everything yet the people who have all the time are not motivated.

    Seeing as we cannot add more time, you will either need to reduce what you do, or become more efficient in how you do it. If you change your activities, perhaps the first time you don't do it, you will miss it, then it will become normal as other activities will take its place.

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