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German going to Japan for 2 years. Are they going to hate me ?

I'm 20 year old German male (Born in Germany). The thing is, my father is german, but my mother is Indian/Spanish. I look somewhat mixed. I am going to Japan for 2 years. The thing is I enjoy Japanese food,nature and tradition. But I heard that Japanese people are not too fond of foreigners, especially western people. I'm afriad that they will tread me badly because i'm German. Are there problems with foreigners ?

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    Are you going to get a visa?

    Anyway, Japanese people don't hate you just because you are a German. In fact, Germans are relatively welcomed in Japan.

    Source(s): a native Japanese
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    Just go to Japan and stop thinking about people's nationality so much. Most people in Japan are very friendly towards foreigners, and are excited to learn about you and share with you their own culture.

    Japan has a history of connection with Germany. Japanese learnt a lot about Western medical practices thought German sources, and even today a lot of German words are used in Japanese in regards to medical things.

    Wait til you get to Japan and see all the foreigners married to Japanese, and you'll rethink your idea about Japanese not being fond of foreigners. Also note all of the foreign goods sold in Japan. Note the use of foreign names for businesses.

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    No. Trust me...Im a half african american with black hair that has gone to Japan more then 10 times already. Japanese are fairly friendly. They might stair a little but they won't go around giggling with their little friends talking smack about you in japanese.

    Source(s): been to japan
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    it's the complete opposite. Japanese are known to be really polite and respectful towards tourists.

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    You'll be a gaijin, just like everyone else. Many people create their own problems'

    Respect the country and people. Behave yourself, and you shouldn't have any problems.

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    9 years ago

    Don't know where you heard such but it just isn't true. Act as if you never heard such a comment, go on your trip, be respectful and you won't have any problems.

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    what? that's so weird i heard the exact opposite from my japanese teacher.

    she was saying how japanese people love non-japanese people and treat them 10x's better/more kind

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    Japanese hate anyone that isn't Japanese. They will probably pick a fight with you so enjoy your stay.

    Source(s): Experience
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