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Does she still like me? Please help idk what to do :(?

Ok I'm 17 and my friend gave me the number of her friend that thought I was cute so I texted her for about a month and things were going great I'd text hi:) and shed text hi:) back and I asked her out and we were gonna go out, but the past few days she hasn't cared, I texted her that I might be grounded from my phone and she didn't seem tO care that much, I say hi:) and she replies hey, yesterday I asked if she wanted to talk to me and she said not really, just her friends idk what else to do, I was gonna stop texting for a day to see if she cares or notices but idk : /

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    I think she sees you as a friend. Give her some space and time. She may change her mind.

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    I'm really sorry to tell you this but I don't think she likes you anymore. If she says she doesn't feel like talking to you, it's probably over. I'm sorry :(

    Source(s): I'm an 18 year old girl
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