Is this a hygienic way to inflate a beach ball?

Well, my friend has just been blowing up a large beach ball. He's blown it up nearly half way so far, and he's just left the room to go have a shower. But just before he left, he asked me to finish blowing up the beach ball for him. Now, he's perfectly healthy, no nasty illnesses or diseases. Is it okay for me to just finish off blowing up the beach ball without disinfecting it first? What if I just wipe it quickly with a tissue and blow into it? Any advice is appreciated. :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    The only problem would be if you didnt want to to put your mouth on something hes had his mouth on. You will be fine , if he doesnt have a cold I see no reason to disinfect it, however if he does I suggest not to put your mouth on it at all

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  • 9 years ago

    A little soap and water, done. Or do you have any of that hand sanitizer ? I really would be no different than kissing him (Shhh, I know not gay just an example). What if it was your girl friend that blew up the first half. You kiss her right ? Lastly at a sporting goods store is a hand pump.

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