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Serious help on how to tone my legs and get rid of all the flubberness?

I really am desperate. I'm 18 and for the past few years I would tell myself I'll tone up cause in just not that great in shape. I have a thin waist but my thighs and lower are wide and all fat. Even my calves have just too much fat.. My legs always touch, I don't look good in shorts or dresses and this summer I need desperate change finally. I'm planning on doing ANYTHING !! I really will do anything, in not a runner but if I really have to I'll do it! I just need someone to kind of be my trainer kindof for a minute and give me a plan. I want to be toned by July! Earlier if possible. Please just tell me what to do, how long to do it for, for how many days a week, I need specifics. A plan is greatly GREATLY appreciated!! Someone please help.. I really want to be able to see results fast also.. By the way I have no motivation at all and I don't wanna give up easily. So some advise for motivation would aslo be a great help. Thanks D:

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    the quickest workout for the legs is lunges. When you start do just 10 yards and keep uping the distance as you improve. Just get out there. Your mindset should be even if I have a horrible workout it's better than sitting around doing nothing. If all you do one night is 5 yards of lunges (maybea 2 lunges on each leg) that will be better than doing nothing. And believe me you'll see results very fast with lunges.

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