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My friend is cutting/self harming? She wont tell me why? What should I do?

My best friend has been cutting and basically not eaten anything for a month and when her parents force her to eat she goes to the bathroom and vomits it right out.

She says she has reasons and wont tell me. All she said is that she thinks shes ugly and fat but she isn't. Her parents and the guidance counselor know but they aren't doing anything and eventually she is going to end up dead.

I really want to help her but she really thinks shes ugly and fat. I don't know what to do. She says she had suicidal thoughts before and I really want to help her. I can't just stand there and do anything.

What should I do?

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    Maybe she's anorexic or something? She could also be depressed or sad? Why don't you be friendly and kind towards her and suggest reasons why she's like this and then she can say yes or no.She might prefer that than talking about it. Try and get some help and ask your parents.

    I hope she's alright

    Have a nice day x

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    try getting your parents to help, if their parents dont care, or dont do nothing to help out their own daughter, well its better for her to become a foster child and have someone else take care for her.

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