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My rabbit had 1 baby when I came home he was cold but alive. I don't know what to do?

We had to start hand feeding him cause he was dehydrated and the mother ignored him all the time.


We tried wrapping him in towels but he seems to be shivering.

Update 2:

I had to take the baby out of they cage because that mother was stepping on him and she had not fed him for 2 days so he was dehydrated.

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    Ok Get a box, towels, and a heat lamp put the towels in the bottom of the box and then hook up the heat lamp because he doesnt have any other rabbit to snuggle with put the heat lamp on him it will work and keep him warm and should help him grow just makesure not to overheat him Good Luck!!!

    Source(s): Previous rabbit breeder
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    get a heating pad and put it on low, put the towel over it so the rabbit's skin does not come in contact with it. The mother rabbit will not feed the rabbit when it is first born and she will ignore it all the time till she feeds it. They only feed their young when it is quiet (mostly late at night). Just put the rabbit back with it's mom and whit till the next day, if she fed him then his midsection will be very round, the rabbit will not dehydrate, they can go up to 2 days without anything to eat.

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    Get a heat pad and put it at the bottom of the cage (or where they sleep) under the bedding. Or just put warm blankets around it till it's warmed up and keep it warm in the room where they are.

    Source(s): We did this with our puppies.
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    Wrap him up in warm towels and hold him till he gets warm.

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