How does The Walking Dead end in season 3 this fall 2012?

I know right in the beginningey got into the CDC complex , and jenner said they are already infected with the bug , Once they die they will come back as "Walkers" . So whats your idea . I think they find that Jesus comes back and save the last 144,000 . Or they find out at the last standing Army base that the CDC finds out that it's not a disease or bug but just that the human DNA change has run out of advancing like pea in a pod , and can't keep developing anymore people are reverting to cave man . Or like every other Zombie movie they fly to an Island and live out their days. Whats your Idea.


Yes Season 2 The walking Dead AMC ,has been out check the web page . But thats not the Q, You sean lots of Zombie Moves since the 50's how should this one end .

Update 2:

Opps dame time travel it's only 2011

Update 3:

Freak on a leash right that's ‘samurai’ character with cleavage, who is named Michonne . She was a lawyer with sword skills the zombie to the left is her dead boyfriend and to the right is unknown. They are both de zombied no mouths or arms they are basically so the other zombies can't smell her , Plus the hood keeps the smell of fresh flesh down. She ends up killing them so she can join the group..

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    It will end in the prison. It's confirmed that the prison will be the major setting for Season 3 AND 4, they won't be leaving the prison t the end of season 3. Many people will die in That prison, my thoughts -






    The prison will carry on until mid way through Season 4 (Confirmed)

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    season 2 aint made yet is it????

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