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I havent gotten my period this month im worried.?

Ok well first of all I Never had sex.I've been a little stress but I don't think this has to do with my period.I also have symthoms such as cramps etc.

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    O don't worry! Ur probably just late. Periods r mysterious things, sometimes they come early and sometimes they come late or skip weeks all together! But if ur having cramps it's probably on it's way but don't worry! If ur not sexually active u can't be preganant. And no I Dont think the stress has anything to do with it unless, again ur period is coming and soon. Just wait and I'm sure it will come. If ur still worried talk to ur mum. Ik it's embarressing to talk with ur parents about this stuff but sometimes u just need too. But u sound totally fine, don't sweat it!

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