Can someone hack my acount on paypal? ?

This person wanted to buy my Xbox off of craigslist and said she was located in Texas. Everything seemed legitiment, and then she said she wanted me to ship it to Nigeria... Sounds sketchy, shes using paypal, and everything all set up? Any advice?

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  • 9 years ago
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    This is a SCAM. Paypal prohibits ALL transactions with Nigeria due to fraud

    You will never get paid, you will get a fake Paypal email. This article from back in 2008 explains how this scam works. That's how long it has been around

    And once they know your paypal account name, they will constantly target you with phishing scams to hack your account. They may also contact Paypal pretending to be you claiming your account was hacked and you can't access it and ask them to send them a reset password -- then they will hack your account

    Craiglist cannot be any clearer when they tell you to ONLY deal with people you can meet face to face, NEVER give your Paypal details to any buyer, and AVOID all transactions involving shipping

    I don't know why people choose to ignore these very clear warnings, then come on Y!A a week later wondering how they can get their money back or stop shipment of their item because they got scammed

  • 9 years ago

    Best advice:  ignore all future correspondence from this person – this is a well-known scam.  Also, ignore claims that they have deposited money to your PayPal account, as they send fake proof of deposit and claim that PayPal just takes a while to update your account.  This is a lie.  If your account doesn't show the deposit when you log in legitimately, then it's not there.  Also, ignore the legal threats that follow when you don't go through with the transaction;  these are fake as well.

    Also, only ever ship items to the address specified on the PayPal account.  If you ship to Nigeria, they will claim the item was never received, and get their money back;  and you have no proof otherwise.

    tl;dr — have nothing to do with this;  ignore it.


  • 9 years ago

    not that way but chris is right , it can only be hacked while you are logging in however this can be prevented by being careful about domain and security certificates , i don't think your account is hacked , you can learn more from the link : :)

  • 9 years ago

    yes u need to be really careful about who u give ur information to

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