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How to make naturally bright pink lips appear nude on fair skin?

i'm really pale...like kristen stewart pale...maybe paler...

i first thought that pale girls couldn't sport a nude lip without looking dead, but i've seen a lot of girls do it fluently!

i've been told to find a nude lipstick....but they all look orange on me.

i've tried the concealer-gloss method, but it dries and makes my lips look unhealthy.

also, how do you keep your lips from drying over night? (IK! chapstick blah blah blah. doesn't work the same for open mouth breathers -_-)

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    You'll have to find the right nude color for you. If you don't have the right shade, then your lips will look too contrast from the rest of your face. The color has to fit.

    For the second question.... well, you should try to find some high quality long lasting moisturizing balm. I can't give you a specific product, because everyone's lips are different.

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    You could try to layer your foundation onto your lips, and then apply lip gloss

    For your lips, try a humidifier in your room, or vasinline as it won't dry as fast as chapstick

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