What can I do when I feel this bullshit?

Writing to the white house and feeling like bad treatment but toying with me and not saying anything to me at all like giving me the confirmed yes or no about what feel and think? Feel and think about myself, about the strange things that have happened to me. For example, if I'm writing to the whitehouse and I get nothing but these horrible NEGATIVE FEELiNGS, NERVOUSNESS, WHAT I READ IS THINNING AND AWFUL. it's so selfish! AND I'M PISSED ALL THE TIME, I have confusion and frustration a lot! I am angry about these ideas cause I did not start this about me feeling in my brain confused. Yes I have written to the whitehouse and the vibes and readings are like backfire. my friend told me not to write anymore so I don't. But I still feel that they are a holes and ignoring me and over whelm me with bullshit! I need some advise to what to do with that issue. I don't call the police, they are not my friends! they like to take me to the hospital all the time and I do not think they should have to know what I talk about. I mean how long do they need to hear anyone, not me but anyone to take them to the determind whether or not that person needs to go to the hospital? I don't call them and the answer is 30 secs or 2 mins. ****! I have hate for some people. and I need something. What can I do?" I'm in a hurry. I'm like don't like to explain all the time. Plus this is probably someone going against me, I feel as though some ****! is stating, "they want to know me?" it's not what I said, it's what I believe someone is saying to me, but saying it in way that I'm so miserable and prying into my business unknowingly. I'm not happy deserving this bullshit!

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  • MOEJ
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    9 years ago
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    How lucky you are to have a friend like this - one who advises you not to write there anymore. You won't get the kind of answers you need from them anyway.

    Hon, please get in touch with a counselor or someone professional to talk with about your anger and why you're angry and nervous. Maybe all you need to feel better is some medication temporarily to even out your feelings, your hormones may be out-of-balance and might easily be fixed.

    Keep a diary or a journal for yourself and write in it every day anything you need to say. Stop writing on Facebook or even here because many people aren't really willing to help you. They'd rather make fun of you or say nasty things that only make you feel worse. You can best help yourself by talking this all out with a professional and I suggest for the sake of not being able to afford it, that the professional can be found at your local mental health clinic. They're great!

    I hope this helps.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ok the chill the **** out.

    And see a specialist.

  • 9 years ago

    First accept you are not normal.

    And second seek psychiatric help immediately

  • You sound delusional.

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