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i am so embarrassed what do i do!?

when i was at my trailer at walnut hill campground they were having a halloween ( i know really late but like at our place we dont care what time of year it its) party and part of the party was a a graveyard that had all the workers on tombstones saying how they died . unluckily for me one of there workers name was eric. so im looking at the tombstones with like ALL my friends and on the tombstones it said " ERIC WAS STUNG BY A BOO-BEE" they laughed at me like crazy what do i do?

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    ? how's is that funny?sometimes you cant let that get to you

    if they mock you again try to laugh or just say"ok thank you"

    i been embarrassed before-my pants came down twice and butt was shown in class-SO embarrassing =/

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