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I had unprotected sex, could I get AIDS?


So I was at a party last night, and this chick was flirting with me. We made out, and she performed oral on me... she wanted to have sex but I didn't have condom. I'm an idiot fir having unprotected sex. I stuck my penis in for less than a minute and then pulled out because I realized I was stupid. I can tell you I learned my lesson that I will never have unprotected sex again. I'm just nervous, that I may have gotten AIDS. I'm 17 years old, what should I do? I'm scared to ask my mom to get me tested.

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    Hi Andrew

    First of all, if this girl had AIDS you can see it in her eyes and she would look like she's dying. What you're thinking of is HIV, the disease that can turn in to AIDS and is spread by unprotected sex.

    Ok so you were fine when she preformed oral because it's just her saliva and your chances of catching anything were slim but it was completely idiotic to "stick it in" for a minute, because if she has an STD then you have it too.

    At this point, do not worry too much. Check yourself out, do you have any symptoms of any STD? You don't know who this girl has been with, which is a really bad spot to be in man. Let's just hope you didn't get her pregnant..but anyway, it is really unlikely that you or her have HIV because she would have noticed if she was diseased by now. It is best to make sure your are all clean and be safe, and you really should ask your mom to take you to the doctor and get tested for all STDs.

    You just don't know what you're dealing with and in this case, it is dire to be better safe than sorry.

    I don't think you have HIV but there are other STDs to be worried about like herpes and gonorrhea.

    Your mom should be happy you're taking care of your health and gonna get tested before it is too late. Just take a deep breath, and ask her to take you. You don't even have to explain. Just say you don't want to talk about it.

    By the way, if you want to take the HIV test, you should wait a few months to get accurate results because it won't show up in your blood for about 6 months, so that would be September 30/October 1

    Keep checking for symptoms of any kind of STD and take action as soon as possible if you notice anything. You can find a plethora of symptoms for all STDs on the internet easily

    Best of luck! I hope I helped

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    You should get tested for STDs in a couple of weeks and in a few months. Some STDs can take months to test positive.

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    y r u screwing one girl when u r engaged to another. if this fling gives u aides u will have it for the rest of your life. go get a std test from your doc and for heavens sake if u r clean stay faithful to your wife so u don't have to worry about this too.

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    You could, you could also get crabs, gonorrhea, herpes and loads of other STD's. Next time wrap it.

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    if you are so worried, you should contact the girl that you slept with and ask her about it.

    I hope she is not a slut that sleeps with the whole football team.

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