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Why is my rabbit losing fur on his chest?

My holland lop bunny has been losing fur on his chest. It doesnt seem to be red or flaky. I had only been giving him 1 toy and i am wondering if he just might be bored. Should i give him some more toys in his cage, let him out of his cage more often, or take him to the vet?

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    you should take him to the vet, rabbits don't loss hair on their chest because they are bored. He could also have fleas my rabbit scratched a lot when she had fleas and went bald on her side

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    What you should do is give him more toys. Let him out for two or more hours a day and slowly change up his diet. He might be depressed, bored, or over grooming. If it gets worse i would suggest to take him to a vet. Make sure he gets plenty of playtime and fruits and veggies. cut a phone book in half and put it in his cage. The ink is safe so he can rip or eat it. They love to shred paper. Get a card board tube and let him run in and out of it. Put his favorite treat in a piece of paper and crumple it up in a ball. It forces him to shred it to reach his treat. Its also a good way to keep him busy. Make a maze or obstacle course for him. Train him tricks. Play games with him too. If playing and keeping him busy doesn't help. He might need another bunny friend. Or he is sick. If none of that helps take him to a vet immediately. :) I hope this helped! :)

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    My male rabbit started to do the same thing. I let him out of the cage more often and it seemed to help. You should take him to the vet and see what they say.

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    Maybe he is just moulting, happens around this time of year, is he fluffy? :)

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