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Have i ate healthy today?


Eggy bread used with wholemeal bread, (1 egg and 1 slice bread) and extra light flora (not butter) with 2 tablespoons baked beans

Glass of innocent pineapple, coconut and banana smoothie with added baby spinach


Wholemeal pasta, tuna, saladcream with sweetcorn

Innocent strawberry and banana smoothie

4 almonds and 5 dried apricots


Chicken stir fry with wholemeal rice and mixed stir fry vegetables, dark soy sauce and spoonful sweet and sour sauce

Glass of skimmed milk

I had a decaf green tea with every meal

I had 2 cups of regular pg tips tea with skimmed milk and sugar

About 1L of water

Is this a good day if eating?

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    I think you can figure this out for yourself, but yes.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It is ok, but it is not great. Having one source of carbs at every meal is a lot, and you often times have two sources. (Fruits are mostly sugar and therefore should be considered carbs.)

    When you liquify fruits, whether it be into juice or into a smoothie, all you are doing is making it so that the sugar gets into your bloodstream quicker. This causes insulin spikes.

    Real butter is good for you! The fake stuff is exactly that: Fake. If it is fake, your body sees it as toxic.

    Try to eat veggies more than just once a day. Healthy eating isn't just about avoiding certain foods, it is also about making sure you get all the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that your body needs to function properly.

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  • Dai
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    9 years ago

    You did well, is there a reason you have to specify that the smoothies you drink are non-alcohol??? aka "innocent" if it's because you drink a lot, that isn't healthy but these meals are besides the fact that butter is actually healthier than whatever you used! Good job! -- Also, the real name for "Eggy Bread" is French Toast.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I skipped breakfast, but for lunch I had a piece of toast piled with beans and sausages, and two fried eggs... And for tea I had a 6" sub (Spicy Italian, with lettuce, cheese, sweetcorn, red onion and for the sauce, BBQ and Mayo. I did do some exercise though (#;^_^)\

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  • 9 years ago

    Pretty Good, yeah.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No,carbs,carbs and carbs.

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