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can i get some airsoft help please?

Ive been in a constant debate weather to get a electric , co2 or green gass gun. green gas is a little to expensive for my pay check right now so i dont know. any thing that you can help with is highly appreciated. and what are some good guns that are electric. Im trying to keep the gun under 250, so if you have any ideas thx

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    I would suggest a G&G gun. If you don't have a battery, charger, or ammo for your gun I would get a sportline by them. The combat machines. They are about $140 for a basic m4 that should last. Or if you are an mp5 fan you could get one with blowback for only $10 more. They shoot around 330 fps which is perfect if you are planning on playing cqb. If you can spend more than $250, around $300, then you can get a better version which comes with a precision barrel for better accuracy. Or if you are buying from airsoft gi you can get one of their guns from their g4 series which is based off of the combat machines. Sorry this is getting ao long. But those are the best guns for that price

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    Try a echo 1 m4 or a g&g m4 they are amazing and have full metal gear box and are accurate up to 200" ft with a good shooter and a good scope and under 200$ hope I helped I'm the captain of an airsoft team ;)

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