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What's a good way to meet girls?

I'm kind of new to the area I'm living in, but I've already got a few friends that I knew from my hometown prior to moving here. It's a good group of guys who are fun to chill with, but they all have their girlfriends, so they don't really get out and do much. I also just barely started my new job, where I work with people outside of my age range/cultural demographic, so there's really nothing there to expand upon. Any suggestions on where to go/what to do to meet new people in my area?


I think a clarification is needed. I don't like the bars. Drinks are overpriced and girls are (in my opinion) unapproachable unless you're willing to spend $10 on a drink that doesn't guarantee anything. Also, I don't have any ability to limit myself when it comes to alcohol, which leads to bad things.

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    You can meet girls at the local church, library, shopping mall, theatre, park, etc.

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    depends on the type of girl u are looking for? sporty sports bar basketball games, fast girls club not all girl tho u will find a few, it depends

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    Go to the Bar.

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    Just start conversations with chicks

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    anywhere you go, you'll have to be confident and approach the girl with light conversation

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    Go to school or a bar or public events.

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