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Do i have good measurements for my height or should i consider losing weight?

I am 5 foot and a half an inch.. with my measurements being as follows.. Bust 36", Hips 34", and Waist 28.5"..


last time i checked my weight i was about 51.5 kg but that weight very well could have gone up some.. i wrestle in the 50 kg but hmm..

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    Measurements sound OK, maybe on the high side of average. You should really check your BMI to see if you could safely lose a little weight, not that you necessarily need to. If you're under 20 years old, go to BMI for Kids at, then check out the graph for girls at If you're on the high side of the Healthy Range midline, you can drop some pounds safely. Play with the numbers in the calculator and set a definite target weight. Cut out about 500 calories a day, and get some extra exercise, and you can safely lose 2lb a week. Don't go past your target weight.

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    don't change a thing

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    you sound perfect to me.(:

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