Jets first 4 picks of the 2012 NFL draft?

Round 1: S Mark Barron - He could step in immediately as a starter and his forte is coverage, a perfect match with Landry's hit power.

Round 2: OLB/DE Ronnel Lewis - A pass rusher that could spell an aging Calvin Pace in year 1 and take over the starting job in year two... SIGN ME UP!

Round 3: RB Robert Turbin - (Trade our 3rd and our 5th (and maybe one of our 3 6th rounders or Bart Scott) for a later 3rd and a mid to early 4th.) The Jets already had him in Florham Park for a workout and he would do well as a one-two punch with Greene, and McKnight could be the 3DRB as well as KR.

Round 4: WR Nick Toon - Since the Jets traded their 4th round pick for Tebow, they need this one in the trade i talked about in Round 3. The Jets need a WR in this draft because they have nobody opposite Santonio Holmes right now that could be a threat; Kerley is a good Slot Reciever, Patrick Turner is a Red Zone threat (6'6"), and Chaz Schillens right now is just a deep threat. Toon has nice size, speed, and hands but still needs to put it all together, once he does he can become as good as his father Al. I also like Tommy Streeter here too but i like the Al toon legacy too much for them to pass on his son.

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    9 years ago
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    Whomever they can guarantee one thing They will have OUTSTANDING footwork

    Source(s): Rex Ryan
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    9 years ago

    It is a pretty good draft for the jets but im not sure if toon will be there in the 4th it seems like his stock has been rising but if he's there it is a great late round steal.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Justin Blackmon, they want yet another massive receiver, ever because they lost Sidney Rice in that Seattle commerce, they have basically had Harvin and he isn't as massive of a receiver, he basically has stable punt returning skills and is familiar with a thank you to play on particular communities.

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