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Conservatives, do any of you have a good idea about who will be a vice to...?

the GOP who wins? Rubio says now he won't be the vice.

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    There are many people. Idk who'd Mitt Romney would pick but lemme give some choices.

    - Nikki Haley (the first indian woman governor it will secure the south to vote for romney if it hasn't already)

    -Chris Christie (i don't think christie would even if he had the choice to because he just started his governor term, i think he would run in 2016)

    - Kelly Ayotte (she is from a swing state of New Hampshire and conservatives would vote for her)

    - Bob McDonnell (Virginia is an important state to win)

    - Rob Portman (Ohio is an even more important state to win in any given election)

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    Although I'm not a Conservative, I'm thinking Chris Christie may be Romney's choice.

    Or Jeb Bush.

  • 9 years ago

    Those DOLTS Romney and Santorium will get that Town Pump Sarah Palin to be their running mate.

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