Is it normal for your significant other to love you more?

I know my boyfriend loves me a lot more than I love him. Is this normal in a relationship? We've talked about it but I still feel really bad and guilty.


He has a rare kidney disease and he tells me that I'm the only good thing that he's had in his life and he's so scared that I'll leave him. He is really jealous.

I feel bad and suffocated at the same time when we argue(which has been a lot lately).

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    I like to think the love between two healthy-minded people would be mutual. I mean, you wouldn't love a person if they didn't love you back, nor would love ever grow should theirs come to a halt.

    How did this topic even come up? Is he clingy or something? Obsessiveness like that is a result of a psychological issue and not a result of love.

    So it's not that he loves you more, it's that he's afraid of being alone. You shouldn't feel guilty anymore, neither should you blame him for convincing you that the relationship is tilted to one side. He didn't know. It's an insecurity on his part and it makes him overly attached to you. Can he see a therapist about it?

    Sorry to hear about his problem.

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