GRE score, what is good?

I took the GRE and scored 157 on verbal and 160 on quantitative. Converting them to the old score they are 560 verbal and 760 quantitative. Are these scores good? What are Universities looking for is what I really want to know... not as easy to guage where I'm at compared to ACT.

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    9 years ago
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    If you're applying for a Master's program you want to be above the 60th, ideally closer to the 70th, percentile. If you are applying for a PhD you want to be above the 70th, ideally closer to the 80th/90th, percentile. If you are applying for a Master's you need a 3.0+ (3.4+ Humanities, 3.6+ Sciences to be competitive), for a PhD you need a 3.3+ (3.6+ to be competitive). Some professors can check a box that doesn't even show them your GRE score because they don't care about it. You do need 3 solid recommendation letters & a strong essay telling them your interests. To see stats of people who got into the program you want & to chat with fellow applicants check out:

    Source(s): I am a graduate student.
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