what rapper were in blood and what rapper were in crips?

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    9 years ago
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    * Brotha Lynch Hung (24th Street GBC)

    * Kurupt (Rollin 60's)

    * Eazy-E (Kelly Park Compton)

    * MC Ren (Kelly Park Compton)

    * MC Eiht (Tragniew Park)

    * Warren G (Rollin 20's)

    * Daz Dillinger (21'st Street)

    * Nate Dogg (Rollin 20's)

    * WC (111 Neighborhood)

    * Jayo Felony (N-Hood 47 Blocc)

    * Lil Eazy (unkown)

    * Glasses Malone (unknown)

    * Snoop Dogg (Rollin 20's)

    * Xzibit (unkown)

    * Rip Ridaz (unknown)

    * Spider Loc (97 ECC)

    * Ice-T (Hoover)

    * Dresta (Nutty Blocc)

    * B.G. Knocc Out (Nutty Blocc)

    * CJ Mac (Rollin 60's)

    * Ice Cube (N-Hood-Rollin 60's)

    * Lil C' Style (19th Street)

    * South Central Cartel (Hoover)

    * C-Bo (29th Street GBC)

    * Coolio (Corner Poccet)

    * Dirty Red (unknown)

    BLOODS: :

    $uge Knight - Mob Piru Bloods

    DJ Quik - Compton Tree Top Piru Bloods

    Hi C - Compton Tree Top Piru Bloods

    Mausberg - Campanella Park Piru Bloods

    Mack 10 - Queen St Inglewood Bloods

    All Frum Tha I - Inglewood Bloods

    Tha Relativez - Inglewood Family Bloods

    The Roaddawgs - Inglewood Family Bloods

    Tha Realest - Compton Piru Bloods

    Top Dogg - Compton Piru Bloods

    G.P. - Compton Piru Bloods

    B-Real (Cypress Hill) - 89th Street Family Bloods

    Sinister - 89th Street Family Bloods

    Terror Twinz - Pacioma Piru Bloods

    O.F.T.B. - Bounty Hunter Bloods

    Nuttz - Skyline Piru Bloods

    2nd II None - Elm Street Piru Bloods

    Boo-Ya Tribe - West Side Piru Bloods (Carson Samoan Warriors)

    Lil' Hawk - Crenshaw Mafia Gangsta Blood

    Big Wye - Crenshaw Mafia Gangsta Blood

    Damu Ridaz - Denver Lane Bloods

    Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) - Bloods

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    9 years ago

    Snoop dogg was a crip and the game was a blood.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Crip:snoop dogg and nipsey hussle

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