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What should I do? Surprise Pregnancy?

I just turned 24, my husband is 27. We've been married for 2 years. We split 2 months ago and are planning on getting a divorce but I found out he was cheating. He traveled a lot for work and he told me he was in CA turns out he was four towns away and one of my friends happened to be up there at a birthday party in the same bar, found him making out with a girl. I confronted him when get got home and had his **** packed for him to take. He came clean and told me he had been seeing his co-worker for a little over six months. I just found out yesterday I was pregnant, 12 weeks, I went to the doctor because I was vomiting all the time (my periods have always been irregular so it's not big deal if I don't get one one month ect) and thought it was due to stress. My doctor did a blood test and I found out I was pregnant and had my mom (she's an OB) do a scan and according to that I'm about 12 weeks. I don't know what to do now, this pregnancy has really thrown me for a loop, it's his. I don't know if I should tell him or what.


Well I wouldn't get back with him and I just feel like if I were to tell him he'd tell me to get an abortion because he's "in love"

Update 2:

Jessica - I could never get an abortion, it's a life. Just because the babies dad isn't the man I want him to be doesn't mean anything :)

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    Tell him, definitely. Do you want an abortion? If you don't, DO NOT let him persuade you into that kind of decision. It's your body and your baby, so he has no right to tell you what should happen to either. His opinion in important, yes, because he is the father. But, ultimately, he was the one who got you pregnant. He's a jerk if he wants to take that away from you.

    If you have the baby, you could always just screw him for child support, and watch as he and his tramp girlfriend struggle financially. :) Revenge!

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    Tell him. Just because you two have a baby together doesn't mean you have to be together. He's the father he needs to be held responsible and pay child support. I'm 25 and a single mom to two kids (16 months apart). Yeah it's hard but not impossible to do. my daughters father has never met her and never will (he date raped me). My sons father sees him on occasion and pays child support.

    If he tells you to abort, don't listen to him unless that is truly what YOU want. I'm pro-choice but think the mother should be the only one making the decision to terminate a pregnancy. And I don't think she should do it if it is not what she really wants.

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    Tell him. A pregnancy may not turn things around, on the other hand it just may be what the doctor ordered. No matter what, there should be at least one person in your marriage who tells the truth. Hope everything works out for you, good luck.

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    You need to tell him,its his child too whether you two are together or not. I'm sure you will be a great mother either way,you don't need a man to have a family,just remember that. And thanks for not asking the typical question "should I keep it even if we are not together". Good luck I wish the best for you!

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    I would tell him, but don't forgive him what he did was wrong and yes he has a right to know. But you have to prepared for all the outcomes that may happen. Him trying to get you back, him trying to go for custody.

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    tell him but remember that it does't change things he has done. be strong & worry about the baby not his dumb ***

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