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how to say no to little kids?

i have a younger cousin that's maybe about 3 or 4 but since im a girl and im older then her she likes to touch my stuff and wants to do everything i do even if she's not old enough to do or cant do

i try to say no but i cant and she's really messes up my stuff it took me 3 hours to take some nail polish that she cap on my nails i know shes in eye of me and it's suppose to be flattering and natural that she likes my stuff but some stuff i have is fragile like glass angels and swans so please tell me how tell her no without me feeling bad or being mean

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    Just tell her no and maybe suggest something else for her to do. Kids need boundaries and learning that she's not allowed to do something won't kill her.


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    Try distracting her with something else you can find and while she is distracted then hide the item she was recently looking at. Of that doesn't work just take it away from her and say no and explain why(it's breakable,etc.) she needs to know boundaries. And if she doesn't listen bring her to her parents. Try will of course agree with you and tell her to stop. But don't be afraid to say no she is your cousin, your family. It's not like she is some strange little kid

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    Tell her no...and if she starts getting upset distract her by getting her to do something u both can do together

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