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What is the meaning of this dream?

I've had a crush on this guy ever since he came to my school late February, and we've flirted a lot/ talked almost everyday and he seemed interested in me but lately we haven't talked for 2 weeks. He's told me a lot of his secrets, like his experiences with suicide, etc. He's very shy, but the ironic thing is that he has kind of a player personality, which I hate (don't want to be one of those girls who complain about the players who broke their heart and don't date the nice guys, but I really can't help it :\ )

Anyway, yesterday I had a dream about him, where he tells me he wants to talk to me. He then says "I want you to stay for a long time..." in a very quivering/low voice and breaks down crying... I normally don't think much of dreams but what does this mean?

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    Dreams are very symbolic, so just because we dream of a person we know in real life, doesn't mean the dream is about that person. Often, the dream characters are parts of ourselves.

    I find it inriguing that you say you don't normally think much of dreams, and then that this dream figure says to you in the dream "I want you to stay for a long time." I wonder if this is the dream world asking you to pay more attention to it. To stay for a longer time as it were. The guy in the dream world is crying, much as I imagine the "dream world" itself would cry if you ignored it, didn't think much of it.

    How do you FEEL about the guy in the dream, about what he says, about his crying? How you feel is important, can help determine the meaning.

    I suggest you write out a dialogue with this dream character. Ask him why he came, and why he wants you to stay a long time. Imagine what he'd say in response and then write that down. Ask him why he's crying.

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    It means your in love with him! Date him! If you get hurt you get hurt life moves on.. Maby he's isn't a player maby that's just his personality.. Hope I helped

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    9 years ago

    It means he is totally gay

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