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Why does my Husband never want to talk?

I've been with my Husband for 7 years. I feel like I have asked him a million questions about us. He makes me feel empty inside all the time. I feel he isn't emotionally connected to me. When I talk to him he gets mad or has nothing to say at all. I feel abandoned and alone but when it comes to sex he wants my attention and after we have sex, he starts acting like I don't exists again. What should I do?


I said no for the first time last night because I didn't want to feel used anymore and he got an attitude rolled over and went to sleep. I don't understand why he is even with me

Update 2:

He use to be my best friend and he took that from me. All I want is for him to show me that he loves me. I know love can't be a 24 hour show me job but it takes very little effort to show it sometimes. I've tried leaving him alone not bothering him and putting my feelings aside and he never makes the effort to even act like he cares

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    Tell him no sex until you feel fulfilled in your self.

    This won't happen and if he can't give you what you want, then I suggest that you start counselling for either of you as a couple or as a single.

    Good luck.


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    Well you may not understand "whyhe is even with" you...But most assuredly, you HAD to have seen these signs when dating...that he was non-communicative, and no doubt worse right after marriage...You've spent 7 years this way??? Why would you?! You need counseling...and I doubt, since he won't even talk "life" with you? That he'd go, but as far as I can see? You really have, NO MARRIAGE...You are, "two ships passing in the night" and the time he'sprobably "alert" or attentive?

    Food and sex.

    I "don't understand why" you're even with him...


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    Routine in itself will drive a Man insane, pull him away from you emotionally, and make him feel distant from you. Your going to have to think OUT side the box, there isn't too much information in your question to really give you any tips, but your really going to have to examine your routine his and YOURS too, men really don't want to talk to someone if there feeling used your going to have to be a best friend for any kind of new Communication, try hanging out with him Spark a conversation about his day, interests, goals, thoughts, I really don't know what to tell you, but if it was me, I would want all the attention on me selfish I know but hey im honest. the greatest gift to man from his partner is love. sp Im sure if you make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside and out that he will do the same no good deed is not unnoticed , and before all of this make sure you tell him how you are feeling don't rely on questions, I hope everything works out for you both in the end, Marriage is a hard thing but I wish everyone to stay together and work out there issues:)

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    There's a book: "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands." Look it up on Amazon and read the testimonies from past readers. Get it and read it. Understanding how men are wired may help your relationship with him a lot. It's in paperback so it's not expensive. He may want to talk, but you scare him to death. Try the book.

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    You just ask yourself if you want to stay with this emotionally cold man for the rest of your life,he is using you like a prostitute as well,what a charmer he is! you have wasted 7 years, don't waste any more,life is too short,start making plans now to get out of this abusive marriage!

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    stop having sex with him

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