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I work at Sunoco and wondering If I screwed up too much and lost my job?

I just started working for Sunoco, It's my third day of training. I made a few mistakes with the lottery. 1.) I gave a guy $10.00 in tickets for free by mistake thinking they were payouts. 2.) Lottery tickets are cash only, I let two people run them as debit, the first time I didn't know, the second time I was able to catch it and reverse it. I offered to put $10 in the till to cover it, he said don't worry about it.

I told my manager he said watch what you're doing and said he'll straighten it out, I didn't get sent home or anything. But I've gone through this before with other employers, 3 days training then let go. wtf why waste the money training someone just to lay them off? It always happens to me because I'm under so much pressure not to make any mistakes, it's like you have to be perfect and I'm not, noone is but it's what employers seem to want, and I've lost 2 jobs already this month because of unknown reasons after training ends.

I always get "we'll call you if we need you" then never hear back from them.

So, is this job doomed too? Back to square 1?

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    Whether or not you will have a job depends on your manager. It would be unreasonable to expect that a new employee would not make any mistakes. If those mistakes were your only mistakes, I think that you will probably have a job.

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