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Do you need to to get abs?

I am 18 and have recently lost 17kg. And now I've started trying to tone up. I am constantly doing excersises for it throughout the day like pushups, crunches, situps, and sort of lift weights (can't afford weights so lift heavy stuff haha).

I have started noticing my pecs getting bigger slowly, my problem is my abs. At the moment there is still have some fat on my I'm getting rid of. And I know I get visible abs you need less than 10% body fat and I am getting there.

My question is, alot of sites and answers say you need to eat loads of food like eggs and meats and stuff to get abs. I can't eat too much because I'm trying to lose weight and since I struggled ugh my weight for years I don't want to put it back on!

I don't want to get ripped or a massive six pack, just visible abs. So do I need to eat all those foods to do it?

Also any other tips to help speed it up is appreciated.

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    Honestly and I mean, honestly, the key to getting abs is doing cardio, cardio and more cardio. Like you said you have to get rid of some fat. The only ay to get rid of those extra few pounds is lots of cardio. 20- 30 minutes a day at least should do the trick. Good job on sticking with your program though and loosing the weight!!

    Source(s): studied exercise physiology at cape cod university
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    an high-quality undertaking, you'll do it in entrance of your TV: take a seat on a stool, and placed your ft below anything (piece of heavy furnishings, for instance). In your fingers preserve slightly dumbbell. Please, be certain that it's not very heavy, begin with one kilo, for instance, or you are going to harm your again and backbone! Slowly transfer the higher side of your frame again, till it is parallel with the bottom. Stop for a moment and transfer it again to the sitting role. Repeat ten occasions. Every week upload to the quantity of repetitions. You will see the outcome in per week, assured! You will see or believe below the fats - when you've got any - six percent and muscular tissues. Dumbbells do wonders. Much bigger than those crunches - I got here as much as 3 enormous quantities and there was once no outcome AT ALL. With the dumbbells you are going to see it in per week.

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    You just need to exercise a lot. Eating a lot of eggs can increase your bad cholesterol so thts not good. also exercise a lot but don't do the same ones everyday because your body gets accustomed to it. Remember to get plenty of rest also. don't exercise 7 days a week. 6 days is enough. Also you can IM me at

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