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10 interview questions for someone from the State of Israel?

1. How long did you live in Israel?

2. Can you describe your experience there in comparison to your experience here in the United States?

3. What was your living situation in Israel?

4. What denomination of Judaism do you associate yourself with? (for example: Orthodox, Conservative, etc.)

5. Did you know anyone that was involved in the Holocaust?

6. What affect did the Holocaust have on you, being that it was mainly directed at your religion and your people?

7. Do you still have family back in Israel?

8. What are your thoughts on the conflict between Israel and Palestine?

9. Do you plan on going back to Israel anytime soon?

10. Do you think it is safe to go back to Israel at this point in time?

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    I lived in Israel for 4 years during my childhood (but I am British born in London).

    I have worked for 2 years in Boston and my parents are now moving there, I think it was very different but in a good way. But as I was a kid while living in Israel, I dont think it don't count as I can't really compare.

    Pretty good, we lived with my grandmother, about 25 minutes away from Tel Aviv.

    I would call myself a cultural Jew now. But in all honesty I am atheist.

    My grandfather died in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprisings, along with allot of my fathers family.

    It opened my eyes, its probably one of the reasons I am into politics, history and sociology.

    Yes cousins, uncle and aunties.

    I think both are in the wrong, I think everyone else (Turkey, America etc) need to shut up about who they support and cut off ALL aid till a peacefull deal is worked out.

    Not really.

    Yes, I do.

    I am not Israeli, I am of Israeli, Arab and Polish decent. But born in London to immigrants who became British citizens before my birth. So I class myself as a British woman.

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    You missed one..Are you a European convert to Judaism or are you a Semite ?

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