one direction question.. help?

who are these "directionators" what is a "directionator"? whats the difference between a directioner and a directionator? i love one direction and have for a while so i just want to know.


and all the directioners seem to hate the directionators.....

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    Basically Directionators are "fake fans" (as Directioners like to call them) that don't know anything about One Direction. They don't call the boys by the right name, like they might say that Harry is Niall. They don't really understand the inside jokes like carrots, spoons, and cats. And some of them only like One Direction because they're hot, not for their music or personalities.

    Directioners are the real fans that know a lot of the band. They've been supporting the boys for a long time. They don't like Directionators because they try to steal the boys from them even though the Directionators don't know anything about them. They also get mad cause Directionators are clueless about the boys.

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    A Directionator is a new fan who just heard What Makes You Beautiful or heard about them through radio or something like that. They claim to know everything about One Direction but they really don't. They also got that name because they can't be a Directioner due to their lack of knowledge for 1D. They don't really understand how close our fandom is and they usually have favorites for example : I love Harry, and Liam , but i don't like Louis, Zayn and Niall. They don't understand any of the inside jokes, and hardly know the boys' names are. They're just fake fans, unwanted in a fandom.

    Directioners, on the other hand, are real fans would understand all the jokes and insiders, don't put the boys' from greatest to least, and are genuinely there to support the boys. We dedicate our everyday lives for these boys' and do everything we can to be there for them.

    Us Directioners don't really like the Directionators because they're just plain annoying. They're the fans who just like something to be that person who's into the latest thing. They don't genuinely care about the boys like we do, yet they say they're huge fans.

    Bottom line is Directioners and Directionators don't fall into the same category because we are two separate groups of fans. Directioners stick together to provide the best for our boys, as Directionators are just some girls who heard a song on the radio and are trying to like the latest band.

    Hope this helped xxx

    Source(s): Verified Directioner here. :) x
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    Its pretty simple

    directionators are fans of one directions

    And not really a difference

    i hope this helped!!

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    a directioner is a person who has been following the boys from the start...or a person who is a 'true' know...they get all the inside jokes (e.g. louis carrots...zayn mirrors...harry cats...niall food...liam spoons etc)

    a directionator is someone new to the fandom or someone who isn't really a true fan

    they know nothing about the boys....or only like one of the members...or try to act like they know about the boys when they don't

    for example

    OMG...harry.niall/zayn/louis/liam is soo hot..i don't like the rest

    or i love he mexican?

    or..omg...are they gay?is that lewis guy gay with harry or something?

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  • The directionaters are usually the one direction haters hence direction-aters or their just fans who think they know them better

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