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should i be worried about this test?

im 5'8 and 150 pound female. I smoked weed once about 9 weeks ago. I passed a home test last week. But i have to take another next week for a job. Should i be worried?

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    Now is the time to start making better health decisions. You are more focused on how and when your next high is coming from. Life is too beautiful to lose the best years of your life. Start to make better life decisions before it is too late. Take care.

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    No, marijuana is extracted through the urine in about 3-8 days. 9 weeks is much more than that. Also, if you passed your first one, don't be worried, your job's test will be similar to the one you previously took. If you are still skeptical, drink orange juice the next few days. Vitamin C makes it easier to extract the chemicals via urine.

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