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I get this back pain why?

I work as a chef , so my table is little bit lower than it should be so i have to look down always. and i get back pain in middle of back . and its painful to turn around. What should i do to remove the pain?

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    The best and easiest way to get rid out of this pain is to relax your back, and to do it and relax your back you need to lay down on your belly, and then put your arms behind your head or on your lower back, then try raise your back. exactly the opposite of the 6 abs excercise, do this like ten times each set, and you can feel the defference right away.

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    9 years ago

    Take some Tylenol or something for the pain. And as for the cause i think you kinda answered your own question you shouldn't be looking down constantly you should try to raise that table a little or do whatever you can so that you can efficiently work without having to lean down constantly. Hope this helped.

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    6 years ago

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