Would a EEG detect a brain tumor?

I have had a MRI/ CT SCAN AND EEG I believe at the neurologist's office. I was wondering can they help detect a brain tumor. I have been reading alot of articles released by Doctors and hospitals and most say they do I was wondering what you guys think?

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  • april
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    9 years ago
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    MRI and/or cat scan would detect a mass in your brain. EEG records electrical impulses from the brain on the scalp. I can't imagine it being very efficient at detecting tumor inside your skull.

    Source(s): i had brain cancer
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    No, they could't come across tumors, they could in basic terms come across the electrical powered impulses interior the recommendations. If a tumor is interrupting those, they are going to see that--yet fairly, they are no longer used for that variety of diagnosis--X-rays and CT scans are used fairly to discover hundreds interior the recommendations. they may well be searching for epilepsy with the EEG, or recommendations harm. it fairly is the 1st step interior the diagnosis of what may well be incorrect, so do no longer assume solutions yet. they don't have adequate suggestion to tell you yet.

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