What to make of this friendship?

So about 5 years ago or so I met this girl. We instantly became best friends. I legit talk to her everyday, either texts or calls. We don't hang out too too much ( I really am not sure as to why) but when we do she always says she has to be on her "A game" when I see her. And when she feels she's not she will actually apologize. Reading this I'm sure you'll say "Dude sounds like you got it bad for her." Truthfully I don't. I am extremely content with being her friend. I'm more curious as to everyone's thoughts as to why we don't hang out much but she'll blow up my phone. As I've said before: known her 5 years & probably haven't even hung out at least 30x. But when something goes wrong, like an incident last Sunday, I'm the first she calls. Last night I was at work & she called me on the way home telling me how she hooked up with this kid she had been friends with for 7 years. I found it weird when she said "He's a lot like you. You guys remind me of each other." my older cousin thinks that she likes me & one day we'd be a couple but I strongly disagree. Even if I was into her I'm

not even close to her type. Thanks for reading!

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    It's a friendship. She might be in to you. She might not. Ask her these questions, we're just strangers and we will only give you our opinions on the matter, not the truth.

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