So I'm dating an older guy?

Hey, so I'm dating an older guy and we made out for the first time in his car and I got butterflies and idk couldn't stop smiling or thinking about it. Is this love?

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  • 9 years ago

    Excitement, yes. And being excited by a guy is a good thing, you can't love a guy in a romantic sense without being excited by him. There are short lived passions that we call love and they can burn really hot but the kind of love that really means anything, that we're all looking for is based on who they are. When you truly love a guy, it's like your best friend or family because you like THINGS about him, such as that he's unselfish, loyal, caring, or funny, so much that you love him. You can overcome problems with him because you are both willing to put aside petty misunderstandings and even mistakes because you just want the other person to be happy and to actively love them. Love is an action as well as a feeling. And I'm not talking about sex. You must give love, through kindness, forgiveness, patience, compromise and effort, just as much as you feel it inside. When you can do that, then you've found something really special.

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  • 9 years ago

    Nope, that's not love.

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