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Are we any closer to ending marijuana prohibition today than ever before?

Opinions. States seem to be going towards legalization, but none of that matters because marijuana is a schedule 1 drug (no medical value; high potential for abuse) still to the federal gov. The federal gov seems to be extremely stubborn when it comes to marijuana, so it's hard to tell if that will ever change to me... What do you all think? I'm not promoting anything, just a simple question whether or not cannabis is closer to legalization than ever before or not.

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  • No. The state's actions toward de-criminalization of pot will not hold up. The 10th amendment has been ignored since 1861 and there is no reason to believe that we can exercise state's rights in 2012.

    They can't control pot well enough to tax it so it won't be legal for many decades.

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    NOT--that i can tell...weed threatens too many established it can be useful in many ways it's not just an herb...(paper, cloth, plastics, laminated woods & fuel to mention a few)

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  • 9 years ago

    Sure... -But most of Us are STILL not going to live long enough- to see it become a Reality... :(

    Source(s): Sad- but True.
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