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I have another concern?

I feed my kitten wiskas half a pouch every 3 hours but she won't finish it all and wont touch the water on her bowel what's the best thing I should do to help her?

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    How old is she and how much does she weigh? You may be overfeeding her. If she's so young that she needs to be fed that often, she should be getting Kitten Milk Replacement. Older kittens should only need to be fed two or three times a day.

    If she won't drink from a bowl, try a pet fountain. Many cats prefer to drink running water. If she is very young or dehydrated, you may need to give her water and KMR with an oral syringe.

    How long has she not been drinking water? If it's been more than a day, take her to the vet to make sure she isn't becoming severely dehydrated. The food pouches do have a decent amount of water in them, but anytime a cat isn't drinking is a cause for concern. The vet may need to give her fluids under her skin. Dehydration is very serious and can be deadly.

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    That's waaayy too much food. She's not eating because she's very likely stuffed. The best thing you can do is stop feeding her so much. Only feed her when she asks for it (most cats will meow or act annoying and not leave your side to notify you of their hunger). Make sure the water in her bowl is fresh and easily accessible.

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    this is what i do...but trust me they eat a lot when they are really really hungry such as the middle of the night or early in the morning...other than that they just love resting for ages...and eat mainly when your resting...if its pouches same as i give to my kitten, it has all the water in there but if you give dry then she will drink more this is what i have noticed...best of luck. xx

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