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Frequent flyer miles?

Anyway, so I'm eighteen and I have one credit card with a credit union. It only goes up to 300$ though which kind of sucks 'cause I can't really buy much with it and it's really easy to max out for me. Anyway, I was wondering how I could get some sort of rewards 'cause I travel a lot! I earn 800$-1,000$ a month with my job. I pay all my bills on time. However, my credit score should be at around 600 because I tried applying for maybe 5 more credit cards and got denied every single time, except for a banana republic and old navy store credit card. :\ I have a friend however who has a limit of 1,000$ on her credit card and she doesn't even work! She's only a student.

I'm going to be travelling to France with Finnair in the summer time. I heard they have Finnair plus, do you need good credit to have that? I tried doing some research on my own but I didn't quite understood who's eligible for it. If I apply to it I don't want to get denied and lower my credit score. :<


Does it cost money to get a frequent flyer account? Do you need a good credit score or anything like that? :\

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    I suggest you get a frequent flier account with either Finnair or American Airlines since American and Finnair are partner airlines and you can earn miles if you fly on the partner's airline. As for getting an airline credit card, I would be careful about doing that as they have pretty steep annual fees. Plus airlines are cutting flights so it is harder to redeem your miles for free flights. My recommendation is that you get a credit card that gives you cash back.

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