Rate/Help My Pokemon Team?

I need Help picking a fire type and a last pokemon for team in Heartgold

Here is what it is so far

Dragonite=Draco Meteor, Fire BLast, Outrage, Extreme Speed

Umbreon=Dark Pulse, Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, Moonlight

Venusaur=Frenzy Plant, Giga Drain, Poison Powder, Earthquake/Take Down

Lanturn=Discharge, Surf, Thunderwave, Ice Beam

The choices for fire is Blaziken, Magmortar and Charizard.

The choises for the last are Genagr and Aerodactly.

So help me picka last pokemona and rate

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  • TrueID
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    9 years ago
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    i'd rate your team 6.5/10 due to its diversity, but it could be a lot better, there are better pokemons out there in terms of stats (but harder to obtain)


    1) Blaziken, magmortar, and charizard are all great fire pokemons, caping at 530ish stats at max level. The only difference between them is the type of pokemon you perfer. I'd actually include infernape to this list, similar to blaziken in terms of class

    If you need your fire pokemon to only do "fire moves", then pick magmortar (has the highest special attack in the list) would be your best choice

    If you like high special attack/ high physical attack with fighting/fire moves, pick blaziken

    If you like sweepers (which has a lot of speed, average to high special/physical attack) pick infernape, he can learn *close combat* which destroys the enemy in matter of seconds but again, its a glass cannon move which makes him more valunerable

    Charizard is like infernape, without the fighting moves and physical strength.

    You should decided if the hybrid class is benefical or detrimental to your team. Fire/flying is weak to water, lightning, and 4X weaker to rock, but immune to ground

    Fire/fighting is weak to flying, ground, water, psychic, but has more resistance class than fire/flying

    Regular fire is weak to ground,water and rock.


    2) Your last pokemon between gengar and aerodactly

    Again, this really depends on ur team. Both pokemons are awesome sweepers, gengar being a Specialattack sweeper, aerodactly being the physical attack sweeper. Aerodactly has more speed but there is another condition you have to consider.

    i) Aerodactly has a lot more weakness (rock,ice,steel,water,electric)

    ii) you already have a water/fire pokemon so you really don't need flying

    iii) rock is good against Ice, Fire, Flying, Bug

    but you already have a water pokemon to vs fire, a fire pokemon to vs bug/ice,

    so if you ask me, i'd pick gengar, his weakness is vs ghost/dark/psychic and theres a thing about ghost vs ghost or ghost vs psychic.. who ever goes first wins (gengar would go first because of his high speed), avoid gengar vs dark pokemons, so basically only 1 weakness



    Gengar (sweeper)


    Suicine (tank)<-- switched for lanturn, but if you don't like using legendaries (some say they're overpowered), you can keep lanturn if you don't like using "cheap/unfair" pokemons

    Salamence <--- replacing dragonite beacuse salamence has higher special/physical/speed

    Tyranitar <--- replacing umbreon, because hes better than umbreon in every single aspect in terms of stats other than special defense. Pseduo legendary > umbreon

    Celebi or sceptile <--- replacing venusaur, legendary/newgeneration grass pokemon is a lot better

    Umbreon stats

    HP: 95

    Attack: 65

    Defense: 110

    Sp.Atk: 60

    Sp.Def: 130

    Speed: 65

    Total: 525

    Tyranitar stats

    HP: 100

    Attack: 134

    Defense: 110

    Sp.Atk: 95

    Sp.Def: 100

    Speed: 61

    Total: 600

    you can see the amount of difference

    that was just my opinion, good luck ;)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    excellant. get another dragonite.

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