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Any Suggestions in WWE 13?

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    Everything in WWE '12 except/with

    1.) A weight system - It makes it more realistic; I just find it dumb that CM Punk could give the GTS to The Big Show.

    2.) A new online system - So laggy before.

    3.) Automatically have a desired manager/ appearance without editing the wrestler.

    I prefer Randy Orton with a bald look but I have to edit the match every single time and it's kind of annoying.

    Also if I go to Dolph Ziggler, I should be able to add Vickie as his manager and she will follow Dolph for every match he has in the WWE Universe without constantly trying to add a manager.

    4.) Accomplishments page - When you go on a superstar, you should see what that superstar has done in the WWE Universe. If Randy Orton wins a WWE Championship it should say 7x WWE Champion.

    5.) King of the Ring - It would be cool to have superstars without a feud compete in this tournament, it will provide more feuds and somebody could propel through the #1 Contender rankings.

    6.) We can roam through the bleachers and backstage during a match - If I'm in a Last man Standing match, I should be able to continue a fight throughout the stands like we see on TV.

    7.) Better cut scenes - If The Miz attacks Cena after a match, it shouldn't be just a chair shot but rather The Miz using his actual finishing move. If John Cena has Alberto Del Rio in a STF and the referee is out another wrestler should come into the match through the stands hit Cena with their finishing move and run away.

    8.) More special matches - Ambulance matches, special guest refferess, Loser goes to the other brand (especially if the guy constantly wins #1 Contender matches and loses at the PPV.

    9.) Acknowledge the rematch clause - If a champion loses his title, there shouldn't be a #1 Contender's match until the former champion gets his rematch at the next ppv or on the next episode of RAW/Smackdown.

    10. Adjust the momentum system - Random superstars get a lot of momentum for beating superstars like Zack Ryder for 10 weeks in a row and have a 95 rating. The better the superstar you defeat, the higher your momentum goes

    Also make it harder and harder to increase a superstars rating.

    eg. John Cena at a 95 and Zack Ryder at 82 both beat Kane at 90 3 times. Cena should get less momentum than Ryder would get for beating Kane and from those three wins Zack Ryder's rating goes to an 88 while Cena goes to a 96.

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    4 years ago

    WWE 13 using fact it comes out faster plus the WWF mindset era mode looks marvelous, the in sound game play is going to sound greater genuine than ever and there is going to be maximum of recent useful properties which will entertain you till Ops 2 comes out.

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    Better Gameplay Mechanics

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    9 years ago

    A game mode where you get a life

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    will have new wwe rosters

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