What should I do now?

Some guests were coming to my house for a dinner party so I wore my best clothes and shoes in order to create a good appearance.

My family and I were all ready (1 hour left for the guest's arrival) and I decided to go to the bathroom. My mom saw me walking towards the bathroom and she asked me what I was going to do there. I paused for a second, but then decided to answer: I'm taking a ****.

She started freaking out saying that whenever I take a **** the bathroom it smells like there's a dead cat's corpse that was set on fire and then proceeded to get rotten. So she begged of me to take a deep breath and hold it so I wouldn't "poison" the air in case the guests would feel like going to the bathroom.

30 minutes passed and it seemed like my *** was going to explode or something like that... So I had to make a decision: To **** myself or to find another way to relief the tension before the guests arrived... I still couldn't go to the bathroom because my mom was watching me... So, in a moment of great courage, I went to the backyard saying that I was going out for a smoke.

When outside, I walked untill I was at least 7 meters away from the house and I dug a hole. After that, I crouched and just filled it with my built-up **** that was inside me for like an 1 hour or so. I took 5-15 minutes and there was still some time before the guests arrived. I cleaned my *** with some clean leaves that were lying around on the floor from my trees and got up... Only to realise that there was 12 year old kid with a self-phone that had a built-in camera.. He recorded the whole thing and started laughing once I looked at him. He shouted at me saying that he was going to show the video to everyone in the party unless I gave him every money that I owed + the PS3 (+the games) that was in my room. I immediatly realised that some guests had already arrived and he he was someone's child. I couldn't give him my PS3 and my money... It was what I saved from my past 5 summer part-time jobs and it was alot to hand away like that... So I launched myself at him and took his self-phone... But he just laughed at me saying that he would tell on me once I set him free. I couldn't let that happen in a milion years. So, in a act out of desperation, I started taking out his clothes and my pants and... you know what happened next, probably. I recorded the whole thing (without showing myself to the camera, of course) and then counter-threathned him to show the video to everyone about his little "adventure". His eyes red and swallowed up from crying from the previous "action" and replied with a simple, sobbing, 'OK'.

The party went on without any issues but the kid was clearly traumatized. His parents were having too much fun to even realise it.

So... What should I do now? I regret the things that I did to the kid but it HAD to be done...

Should I get rid of the phone? Should I keep it?

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  • 9 years ago
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    This can't be true. You took a sh#t in the backyard and then raped a kid? You've got issues.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    This too disgusting to be true.

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