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why 18 hour bras? answers anyone?

hey, so um i was just wondering what 18 hour bras were for? i mean why only 18 hours, and why would someone need them? what makes them different from normal bras? thanks! and sorry im so clueless :)

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    They are supposed to be more comfortable so you can wear them 18 hours instead of most bras where some people take them off as soon as they get off work. Its just a marketing gimmick really :)

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    The 18 Hour Bra is a brand name/style name for a line of bras by Playtex. They are very well-built bras and are comfortable enough to wear for 18 hours out of 24. At they time they were first introduced (sometime in the mid - 1970's), most bras were NOT comfortable at all for any women - and it was worse if you had a larger bust. Playtex was one of the first lingerie makers that took a woman's comfort into consideration when designing their garments. In the intervening years, many other bra-makers have done the same. At this point in time, whether you wear this brand/style or not is purely a personal preference.

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