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How weird is it that I met one of my best friends on Chat Roulette?

Well in October, I got a new laptop and was bored as hell, and decided to go on Chat Roulette for shits and giggles. And at around 2 am, I stumbled across these 2 guys who were around my age, 16. I ended up talking to one of them for 3-4 hours. In the end, both of them gave me their numbers. One of them turned out to be an asshole, but I texted the guy who I talked to a lot (Let's call him Mike) for a while, not thinking much of it. But somehow we started texting every day, and still do. And we tell each other like everything. He started liking me at one point, and although I didn't feel the same, we still remain super close. We even talk on the phone sometimes. He even said I was one of his best friends. He lives in the same state as me, but like 5 hours away. IDK what's gonna happen in the future, who knows if we'll meet, we haven't talked about it seriously. But yeah, it's kinda weird. Ever heard of any similar experiences?

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